Chip & Sensors

Chip and sensors are some of all the structures we are handling daily

Quite often, flex substrates, MEMS and odd adhesives pops up. Perhaps there are ceramic packages, metal objects and a wire variety present. All of which that is to be assembled into something useful. To be useful, the structure first has to function electrically. There are also other aspects to consider as the ability to withstand touching, temperature variations, vibrations or electromagnetic influence. A background as physicist helps the understanding the complex spectra of incoming assignments. Mandalon can’t do everything. Mandalon can only do a lot.

Development & prototypes

Starting point for Mandalon

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Wirebonding & packaging

A chip needs its contacts and protection

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Microelectronics packaging

The simple description is; place the chip and connect it

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Packaging & molding

Preparing the packaging starts with a choice of substrate

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