About Mandalon

What we actually do

The company story this far

The Swedish competence center S-Sence, at Linköping university, is a major reason to Mandalon’s existence. ”The electronic nose” was developed within this programme during the late 90’s and this packaging evolved into the company in 1999.

”The electronic nose”, multiple catalytic surfaces on the separate sensors on a single chip

These chemical gas sensors were assembled at the university, but demand soon grew too big and the idea of a company was born.

A kid with bright ideas

When the company started to materialise in 1999, Per-Erik was busy with family life. One of the daughters was introduced to a grape fruit for the first time, but had no clue of a name for it. The fruit resembled a mandarine but the size was of a melon. Considering these facts, she got the realisation.

Quite obviously this was a Mandalon


From the start Mandalon also offered vacuum technology services and surface coatings. From 2005, when the company was split up, Mandalon Technologies AB is solely focusing its efforts on micro electronics.